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A yogi means, quite simply, a practitioner of yoga. But, like the practice of yoga itself, this can mean any number of things, spanning a near-endless variety of practices, philosophies and treatments.

The tradition of yoga is thought to date back five millennia, to as far back as 3,000 BC, and has been an important part of life in India throughout those thousands of years as a means of improving physical, mental and spiritual health. Since the late twentieth century, the western world has finally caught up, and yogic practice is becoming increasingly popular – there’s also an increasing raft of medical evidence to back up claims about its various benefits.

Yogi G.I.R.L® welcomes the increasing role of yoga in 21st century life with a range of products and services. Alongside our range, we’re committed to fostering the yoga lifestyle and helping more to discover its benefits for a happy, healthy life.

Crucial to the practice of yoga and its development over the centuries is the core concept of sharing of ideas: between teacher and student, and between practitioners and anyone interested in yoga. Yoga is a lifestyle and community, and at Y.O.G.I Girl® we recognise the value of sharing in order to offer help and support to one another on our own personal journeys. This manifests in a variety of ways; we focus on:

Sharing the benefits of regular yoga practice, in the form of classes, courses, workshops, retreats and therapeutic yoga.

Helping each other on our yoga journeys by sharing local knowledge of yoga venues, yoga shows, yoga initiatives and more.

Introducing new people to the benefits of yoga by sharing the yogic lifestyle with family, friends, colleagues and others.

Encouraging you to share your personal experience of yogic products available on the market, through social media.

By enabling the practice of yoga face-to-face and fostering a yogic community online through social media, at Yogi G.I.R.L® we’re encouraging the potential of yoga to have a meaningful positive effect on people’s lives.

As the brand grows, a percentage of our takings will support Yoop Health’s focus on mindfulness practices for those suffering depression, anxiety and other mental health problems, with the aim to funding initiatives and projects in the community where you live. 

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